The attention on the issues of health and safety at work and the upgrade of preventing systems prescribed by law; on the management of the environment and the ecological waste; on the systems of quality assurance; on the continuous training of staff; on welfare services, trade and tourism for the company and the person;are getting more and more important everyday.


These current needs push the users of such services to rely on the experience of who has been working in the industry for some time and is  therefore able to ensure those who represent the true additional value for users.


A widespread geographical distribution of the know-how held by professionals becomes essential. For this reason,Orientamento has chosen to share its experience with those who want to invest their resources to contribute to the quality of our customer-partners and receive the benefits of an investment that is supported by the company itself.


In order to meet every need, three forms of affiliation to the Network,which are different for the type of managed services, methods of handling business, royalties provided and entrance fee, have been designed:


Service: is the simplest form, makes use of the figure of an operator who works as a collaborator.

Point: adhering to this type of contract, you will acquire the ability to bargain, but in the name and on behalf of Orientation.

Partner: this form of affiliation allows you to operate independently, getting a personal portfolio of clients


Every affiliate ensures a real added value to your business, thAanks to the professional associations and partner companies through which operates Orientamento , Orientamento Network, Orientamento group, Aicos Italia  and Confitalia Imprese, .


Orientation allows those who decide to join, a highly lucrative business in the face of a limited investment. The solid connection that binds the companies-partners of the network, through which Orientamento operates, allows, in fact, to offer, to individuals and business, multiple services  in a single system;the completeness and variety of the resulting offer make the business actually beneficial and highly competitive.


The affiliate,well trained and assisted,can start, making use of the consolidated Group's ability to interpret and respond in a personalized and effective way to customer's needs,  its business in all serenity.


Becoming a member, then, means to be presented to the market with credentials and credibility at the highest level;it means being part of a consolidated Group, have a national coverage, raise the standard of quality, access to management systems and computerization already tested for years, a value added that the Network provides to all affiliates.

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